The human spirit must prevail over technology.

– Albert Einstein
smartphoneby Zach Vega via Wikimedia CC By-SA 3.0
I am driven to write about technology because I’m suffering from withdrawal. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve gone through the Five Stages of Grief over the loss of my iPhone. Due to a recent incident I’ve had with the Apple Corporation’s security ─ security that is intended to protect customers.

I was locked out of my Apple ID, which rendered my iPhone unusable. In need of a password reset, my account went into recovery mode. I could no longer access any part of my phone that I had grown dependant on.

I could no longer access my calendar. I had to rely on memory for what I could, and relied on confirmation phone calls to find out the rest (hopefully I didn’t forget anything).

I could not access my contacts. I froze, realizing that I don’t even know my brother’s phone number.

Thankfully my email is available in cloud accounts that I can access separately online.

I even stumbled through the dark bedroom, while my husband slept, wishing I had my trusty flashlight on my phone. Alas, the flashlight won’t even work without an Apple ID.

For the longest time, I avoided technology, preferring to keep an old-fashioned calendar and address book. I didn’t trust technology, after my computer crashed and killed my hard drive. I decided to move to the cloud. Relying on corporate servers and passwords.

So, this Christmas I’m celebrating simplicity without the technology of my Smartphone. At this point I have spent two weeks without access, while Apple’s Account Recovery is in progress. How long? I do not know and neither does anyone in Apple’s support call center.

This experience has me re-thinking technology. I took my son to the library a few weeks ago, and it was a sad sight. Many shelves were bare, yet the computer bank was full of people.

I am reminded of the fact that I can’t work without my internet connection, and I wonder if technology has too much control over our lives. Maybe we need to remember that it only has as much control as we allow it. 



June Simpson
12/23/2016 10:51pm

This is priceless.

Monte L. Simpson
12/25/2016 6:01pm

Tiffany, every aspect of our lives is impacted by technology, even the bathroom contains high tech items. Our transportation is computerized and can be hacked. Many of our kitchens contain appliances with TCP/IP addresses that can be hacked. Some people have hobbies that rely on technology. Back in the old days folks used to sit on the porch and visited, but today they take their technology with them. When you get your phone back turn off the screen lock or pick something easy so you don't end up in the same pickle. That's one thing you didn't mention as being impacted and that is your grocery list.


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