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An awesome blog is a great way to establish your online presence and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Blogging is a form of content marketing that helps you to build trust, enhance awareness of your brand, and build relationships. With billions of blogs and social media feeds, you need to make the content of your blog something that people want to read. People will not waste their time reading something boring, that has no value, or that is riddled with mistakes. These blogging basics will help you to blog like a boss.

Mistakes Will Cost You

“Little mistakes” in your writing can end up costing you. Charles Duncombe, an online entrepreneur, believes that misspellings put off consumers and cause them concerns about a website’s credibility. His website figure analysis showed a single spelling mistake could cut online sales in half. Online dating site Zoosk has research that shows poor grammar can affect your success, or lack thereof, with online dating. Forty-eight percent of the singles that were polled considered poor grammar to be a deal breaker, with spelling errors being a major turn off. Each day I come across spelling and word usage errors in Facebook feeds, blogs, even news articles in mainstream media. If you don’t want to end up with an embarrassing fail, it pays to have someone go over your blogs and other materials.

Rock the Emotions

For your writing to be effective, you need to make an emotional connection with the reader. Tell a story, and use it to draw on emotions. Make your story interesting and memorable. A great storyteller will be able to engage an audience in a discourse about a mundane topic, like septic tank maintenance, and make it entertaining, informative, and even humorous.

Also, use an appropriate tone for the audience. Who is the target of this blog piece? Is a formal business-like tone necessary or an informal conversational tone? Make sure to pick the right words for the occasion.

Your Content Needs to be Epic

Your content must have value. Don't’ rehash something that is already all over the internet; instead, provide a fresh angle.  The reader wants a benefit to reading your blog; over anything else, he or she could spend time reading. Answer a question for the reader or teach the reader something.

My social media feeds entice me with interesting headlines of articles that I think I would like to read. I bookmark several pieces that hopefully contain helpful information to read later (on that magical day that I have time). Once I land on an article, I scan it to see if there is anything worthwhile. Sadly, I often move along because the piece was void of anything worthwhile. You’re probably like me and don’t have much time for surfing the net and reading blogs. Therefore, content must have value to the reader and be interesting.

Don’t Write Like a Newb

Many people don’t have the time, desire, or attention span to read large chunks of text. Often, people scan, rather than read each word of the entire article. Make your blog easy to read by splitting large paragraphs into chunks and using subheadings to make it easier to skim.

Use your headings and subheadings to grab the reader. Incorporate The Four U’s into your headlines: urgency, usefulness, uniqueness, and ultra specific. Create a sense of urgency by giving a reason to act now rather than waiting. Make your headline show the piece’s usefulness by giving the reader some real value -- not empty fluff. You must be unique to stand out from the others. Be ultra specific by being concise and using facts or figures.

What is the purpose of your content? Likely, the first goal is for your blog to be read. Not many people publish, hoping no one ever reads the material they wrote. So, always write with the reader in mind. You have mere seconds to grab attention and keep it. Make your blog easy to read, interesting, and error-free. Remember to do it with style and blog like a boss!



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