cover of Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall
Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall is part of the Writer’s Craft series. Anyone who enjoys writing fiction, as well as anyone who likes writing in general, will be able find something in this book that is helpful. Even for those who don’t usually write in the dark story genres, there are hints to help your story writing be sharper and more interesting. For a moment, think about what readers want. Readers like their feelings to be aroused. Touch the reader’s senses and keep in mind that suspense keeps them reading. Make a story that they cannot put down, one that will be read until the end, definitely not a story that the reader will get bored with and abandon.

The author, Rayne Hall, is an experienced writer, having written over 50 books in different genres. She has written several instructional books about the writing craft. Ms. Hall holds a college degree in publishing management and a master’s degree in creative writing.

What are dark stories?
According to the author the following are types of dark stories: horror, splatter punk, extreme horror, psychological horror, dystopian, love craftian, thriller, mystery, dark fiction, supernatural, paranormal, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, gothic, erotic horror, horror comedy, romantic suspense, steampunk, ghost stories, slipstream, speculative fiction, and weird fiction.

The book contains simple advice and writing prompts for anyone wishing to write in the dark story genres. This book is especially helpful for someone starting out or someone who normally does other types of writing. The book is well organized with helpful master plot ideas, tips to build tension and suspense, and marketing tips. I found it useful, since I usually don’t write suspenseful stories or utilize the senses as much as I should.

I found a wealth of information and felt inspired by the time I was done reading this book. Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall is a 142-page ebook, available on, for $0.99.

I received a complimentary copy of the book mentioned above for review purposes


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