"All grown-ups were once children--although only very few of them remember it." Antoine de Saint Exupéry

I likely will never be a screenwriter, but a great resource for anyone who wants to become a screenwriter for children’s television will find the book “The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television” helpful. It is also a good read for anyone who likes writing for children in general. Writing for children is a wonderful way to let your creativity make a difference with children, either by educating them or making them happy.

The book enables the reader to understand children, like how they grasp humor and how to reach this target audience. As an adult, there is so much that we take for granted. It’s easy to forget that children are on a different level. The book is well organized and detailed. It is good at explaining children’s cognitive abilities and explains the audience for which you’ll be writing. It contains a wealth of information. Techniques, like rhyming, repetition, and rhythmic patterns, are explained.

The author, Motti Aviram, is an experienced director and content editor of children’s television. He is also a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and design and Israel’s School of Screenwriting.

 “The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children’s Film & Television” is a great tool. It is available as a Kindle ebook on amazon.com.

I was provided a free copy of the book in return for my honest review.

cover of Why Does My Book Not Sell? 20 Simple Fixes
Rayne Hall has written several “Writer’s Craft” books to help authors. This addition to her series is for self-published authors who are trying to promote their books. “Why Does My Book Not Sell? 20 Simple Fixes” is a short book with simple ideas to help increase sales. Rayne Hall has written and sold many books in different genres. In trying to sell her books, she has made many mistakes and learned from them over the years. In this book, Hall shares what she has learned and is sharing it with other writers trying to sell theirs.

Quote form introduction - "Each chapter reveals one area where indie authors are sabotaging their books' success, and shows how you can free yourself from that trap. The focus is on simple fixes, and actions you can take immediately, although sometimes I point out long-term strategies.'"

Hall covers everything from making a book cover that grabs attention, offering sample pages to promoting on social media, and more. This is a great book for anyone who has written a book and is now tasked with trying to get sales. It’s one thing to write and upload a book for sale, but a challenge to get people to be aware of the book and to buy it. There are tons of books for sale, and it is easy for books to become hidden. While things that worked for one person may not work for another, advice to get your book to sell can be helpful.

This book is best for published indie authors or those with a book they are about to publish. “Why Does My Book Not Sell? 20 Simple Fixes” is available as an ebook on Amazon.com.

The ebook mentioned above was received for free in return for an honest review.

cover of Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall
Twitter can be a good, useful tool for writers. It can help writers network, connect with readers, create buzz, and gain insight. Twitter can also be a huge time sucker, since it’s easy to get caught up reading tweets, retweeting, etc. when one could be getting work done. The book "Twitter for Writers" by Rayne Hall is a short, easy read for people new to twitter, and it also has tips for people who are already familiar with Twitter. This book is part of Hall’s "Writer’s Craft" series for writers, and is aimed at book authors, but other writers and bloggers may find the book useful. Hall is an experienced Twitter user and in this book, she offers her advice for optimizing this social media platform.

The book is divided into sections, which make it easy to skip ahead to sections that may be helpful to you — choose basic subheadings if you are a beginner or choose advanced subheadings to get more strategies. The author mentions concentrating on quality followers, rather than the quantity of followers. Among the most helpful offerings of the book are tips to promote your book without annoying your followers. The author lets readers know mistakes that she made, so hopefully the reader can learn things to avoid.

"Twitter for Writers" is available on Amazon.com
. It is a quick read with several ideas about how to use and benefit from Twitter.

The ebook mentioned above was received free, in exchange for an honest review.

cover of Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall
Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall is part of the Writer’s Craft series. Anyone who enjoys writing fiction, as well as anyone who likes writing in general, will be able find something in this book that is helpful. Even for those who don’t usually write in the dark story genres, there are hints to help your story writing be sharper and more interesting. For a moment, think about what readers want. Readers like their feelings to be aroused. Touch the reader’s senses and keep in mind that suspense keeps them reading. Make a story that they cannot put down, one that will be read until the end, definitely not a story that the reader will get bored with and abandon.

The author, Rayne Hall, is an experienced writer, having written over 50 books in different genres. She has written several instructional books about the writing craft. Ms. Hall holds a college degree in publishing management and a master’s degree in creative writing.

What are dark stories?
According to the author the following are types of dark stories: horror, splatter punk, extreme horror, psychological horror, dystopian, love craftian, thriller, mystery, dark fiction, supernatural, paranormal, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, gothic, erotic horror, horror comedy, romantic suspense, steampunk, ghost stories, slipstream, speculative fiction, and weird fiction.

The book contains simple advice and writing prompts for anyone wishing to write in the dark story genres. This book is especially helpful for someone starting out or someone who normally does other types of writing. The book is well organized with helpful master plot ideas, tips to build tension and suspense, and marketing tips. I found it useful, since I usually don’t write suspenseful stories or utilize the senses as much as I should.

I found a wealth of information and felt inspired by the time I was done reading this book. Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall is a 142-page ebook, available on Amazon.com, for $0.99.

I received a complimentary copy of the book mentioned above for review purposes


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