cover of Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall
Twitter can be a good, useful tool for writers. It can help writers network, connect with readers, create buzz, and gain insight. Twitter can also be a huge time sucker, since it’s easy to get caught up reading tweets, retweeting, etc. when one could be getting work done. The book "Twitter for Writers" by Rayne Hall is a short, easy read for people new to twitter, and it also has tips for people who are already familiar with Twitter. This book is part of Hall’s "Writer’s Craft" series for writers, and is aimed at book authors, but other writers and bloggers may find the book useful. Hall is an experienced Twitter user and in this book, she offers her advice for optimizing this social media platform.

The book is divided into sections, which make it easy to skip ahead to sections that may be helpful to you — choose basic subheadings if you are a beginner or choose advanced subheadings to get more strategies. The author mentions concentrating on quality followers, rather than the quantity of followers. Among the most helpful offerings of the book are tips to promote your book without annoying your followers. The author lets readers know mistakes that she made, so hopefully the reader can learn things to avoid.

"Twitter for Writers" is available on
. It is a quick read with several ideas about how to use and benefit from Twitter.

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