Your website may be the first place potential customers have contact with your business. Your website is an essential tool to promote your business. It needs to be functional with information that visitors can easily find. It is where the customer or client will determine a lot about your credibility. If your site is out-of-date or not functioning, well it can have a negative impact on your business.
Is your content current?
Up-to-date content is a must. Imagine having outdated information about your business hours, and a customer shows up on Monday morning only to be met by a locked door. Oops, you decided to be closed on Mondays but did not update your website.  The most up-to-date information about your hours is essential to have on your website and any social media pages you have. Also, make sure your contact information is current with your address, phone number, etc.
Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Optimized
It amazes me that so many websites aren’t, yet, optimized for mobile devices. I’ve seen major business sites that are not mobile optimized, so it’s not just a problem of up & coming, small businesses. In today’s modern world, your site needs to be able to be viewed decently on mobile device’s smaller screens. Many people use mobile devices, and their use is on the rise.  
As a user, I can attest to the frustration of clicking a link and ending up on a web page that is awkward to read.  What happens if a customer or client cannot find what he or she needs on your website? Obviously, they’ll go to someone else’s site to get what they need.

Mobile optimization can increase your traffic, enable you to boost sales, and increase engagement. By having your website optimized for mobile, you can reduce the bounce rate. If the visitor has to struggle to read the site, they may not stay around. Employ the use of  redirects that will notice when a visitor is using a mobile device and redirect to the mobile optimized version of your site.
Use Google's Mobile Friendly Test to check your website.
There are even more problems if your site runs Flash or add-ons that aren’t compatible. Apple products don’t support Flash, and many phones don’t support Java. Mobile uses usually are looking for information quickly, so you site needs to have information readily available in a format that is easily accessible.
Is Your Site Readable
It’s important for your website to be user friendly. Help visitors to find what they are looking for on your site with easy to use navigation. Use headings, subheadings and bulleted lists whenever possible to allow people to quickly find the important points.  Put your contact information, phone number, address, and email, in a prominent spot.



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