Kama Sense Marketing: A Love Affair With Your Customers by Jacob Levy
The book “Kama Sense Marketing: A Love Affair With Your Customers” recently caught my curiosity. It is a guidebook for those in marketing, focusing on filling in the key that is missing from most marketing strategies — love. The business world is competitive, so getting your products or services out to people and making sales is crucial to financial success. To do this the author takes a creative spin by using the "Kama Sutra" as his guide, applying it to marketing strategy.

The author states that the "Kama Sutra" is about pleasing your partner more than yourself. His advice is to take this principle, use it in business, and apply it to your customers and prospective customers. The heart of successful marketing is that you must love your customers. You must create a connection on an emotional level, besides offering a product or service that the customer needs. The topics of wooing customers and maintaining customer loyalty are covered. Marketing to females is also dealt with.

To quote the book, “In my search, I drew encouragement from the much -quoted research showing that U.S. women participate in and influence 85 percent of all purchasing decisions in the family— on the other hand, 85 percent of all marketers are men! ” If this statement is true, then marketers do need to aim their marketing strategies to women. After discussing women’s use of their senses and emotions in shopping, Levy does give the advice to appoint women marketers to market to women.

The author, Jacob Levy, holds an MBA from UCLA, which he earned in 1962. Since then, he has had an extensive career in business and is a pioneer of marketing research in Israel.

Aside from unfavorable feelings that I had reading the author’s way of communicating his perspective about women’s shopping process and marketing toward women, I found the book to be a creative take on marketing. It is not another dry guidebook on marketing but rather entertaining, using examples and novel comparisons from the author. This book has some helpful ideas and actionable tips for those in business and marketing.

“Kama Sense Marketing: A Love Affair With Your Customers” is available as an ebook available for download from amazon.com.

disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.


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